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MBA MMS PGDM PGDBM PGPM Admission 2017-2018 in India
Admissions in MBA, PGDM, PGDBM, PGPM through management quota/NRI Quota are open in top colleges of Karnataka(Bangalore) for Academic year 2017-18. Minimum College fees is 1.9 lacs onward(2 year). No Donation Colleges are also Available with excellent Placement record.

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MBA, MMS, PGDM, PGDBM, PGPM through Management quota/NRI Quota seat booking are going on for the top colleges of Maharashtra(Mumbai, Pune), Madhaya Pradesh, Delhi NCR for Academic year 2017-2018. No Donation Colleges are also Available with excellent Placement record. NRI student Eligibility for Admission in India, Admission In MBA MMS PGDM PGDBM PGPM :-

Thursday, September 10, 2015

BITM Pune PGDM Courses Admission 2016

Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management (BITM), Pune
Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management (BITM), Pune was founded in the year 2002. The institute started with a focus on the dynamic needs of the industry in general and the Telecom Industry in particular in an ever-changing business environment which is driven by powerful forces of technological innovation, intense competition and globalization.

The institute formerly known as ICTM is run by Sri BalajiSociety. Dr. (Col) A. Balasubramanian is the Dean of the Institute and Dr. Seema Singh-Zokarkar is the Director of the Institute.
The Institute is offering career-oriented Post-Graduate Diploma in Management in Telecom, Telecom & Marketing and Marketing & Finance. The students are compatible and enabled to join all the sectors of the industry and also to cater to the niche segments of Telecom Industry.

The institute has been admitting mostly those from engineering background. However it has been decided that bright students from other streams of graduations will also be admitted for marketing and finance specializations.

The students from Marketing, Operations, Systems and Finance are eligible for placements in any sector of the industry as well. We prefer that the students of Telecom specialization should get Telecom related placements so that the full advantage of engineering is derived in the long run. For example, many students have taken up careers in telecom verticals in IT companies such as Infosys and Wipro.

The focus of BITM is to impart the best management education to the students and equip them to be enablers of tomorrow's world.

BITM is being developed as a center of excellence in 'Management Education'. BITM offers specialization in 'Telecom Management', 'Telecom & Marketing' and 'Marketing and Finance' along with the backbone of Information Technology. We believe in developing effective management skills within the students for the benefit of the industry.

Our aim is to create a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines of management science and telecom through effective education, training and research which will not only help students to carve out their niche in the industry but also benefit the industry. 

Admission to BITM is done through a scientific selection process. The rigorous scheduling of 'on-the-job training' and classroom inputs, comprising of multiple subjects, conducted throughout the year as per the demand of the dynamic business environment, ensures that BITM students represent the best management graduates.

  • Students enjoy state of the art infrastructure to learn in a most conducive atmosphere for prolonged hours so that by the time they complete the management course, they will be professionally sound, physically strong and mentally robust to work efficiently and innovatively in all circumstances.
  • We train our students to be techno savvy business managers, with a comprehensive masters level curriculum in IT.
  • Course structure is designed by the industry stalwarts in accordance with industry requirements and is updated regularly according to the emerging trends in the corporate world.
  • Industrial visits, seminars, workshops, personality development programmes and intellectually stimulating exercises are conducted in routine manner.
  • Time is treated as the most precious resource which should be utilized productively. Our 365 days schedule is a testimony to this.
  • Student Managers undertake two company project studies to have an in-depth exposure of all the shades of the corporate world before actually stepping into it.
  • We believe that problems are opportunities, and the students are trained to be committed professionals equipped to perform in any situation because of the rigorous training and intense grooming.
  • We value three “mantras”, Discipline, Dedication & Determination and the motto practiced by each student in the Institute is “Perform Or Perish”.
Infrastructure and Facilities
State of the Art campus, spread over a single piece of 16.5 acres of land having well furnished hostels for boys and girls (total 640) with attached bathrooms, mess, cafeteria, swimming pool, limited sports facilities, health spa, expansive libraries, computer laboratories, medical facility and Wi-Fi internet facility (switched off after 12:00 in the night till 5:00 am) can be availed subject to prescribed conditions. Those who want to avail the Wi-Fi facility will be required to get their Laptops registered by remitting a sum of Rs. 2,500/-(Rupees Two thousand five hundred only). Similarly, a sum of Rs. 300/- per month may be required to be paid by those who want to avail the Swimming Pool and Gym facilities to the concerned authorities.

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