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Monday, July 27, 2015

MBA Business Research Categories- International Business/ Management/ Marketing

MBA Business Research Categories- International Business /Management/  Marketing
·        International Business
·         Advantage of International Trade Stimulation – International trade stimulation has many advantages when a nation is allowed to focus on the goods and services it can produce efficiently.
·         American Council of International Strategies- American Council of International Strategies Research Paper looks at this travel organizations environmental and SWOT analyses.
·         Business in China - Business in China research papers ask if China is a solid financial investment for business.
·         China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization- China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization Term Paper discusses a sample of how to order a project for a master’s business level class.
·         Global Supply Chain Management- Global Supply Chain Management Research Paper delves into a sample of an order placed for a project with specific structure when completing the project.
·         Globalization of Markets – Driving force behind the world economy is technology due to the ability of nations and markets to communicate, transport and travel.
·         Integrative Project- Integrative Project Research Paper looks at an example of a paper that runs all semester with specific requirements in detail.
·         Japanese Companies- Japanese Companies Research Paper previews a way for helping to set up your order for Business Papers, giving details and clear instructions.
·         Japanese Entry into Global Market – Global expansion of Japanese companies in developing countries.
·         Merging With a European Firm- Merging With a European Firm Research Paper looks at how to place a Business Research Paper with giving detailed instructions.
·         NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement.
·         Riding the Waves of Culture- Riding the Waves of Culture Research Paper explores a book for managers and corporations with a step to step guide on how to implement business plans in a way different cultures can accept.
·         Sweatshops - Topics to explore may include how sweatshops exist around the world and where.
·         Transnational Corporation- Transnational Corporations Research Paper delves into an order placed for a project on a company that you are interested on knowing more about or one you “made-up”.

·        Management
·         Analysis of Leadership – A leadership analysis of one of the leaders as depicted in The Road to Guilford Courthouse by John Buchanan.
·         Born or Made? – This term paper will explore the most significant question about leadership, namely, whether genetics or environment engenders effective leaders.
·         How to Write a Plan for a Small Business – Writing a business plan for a small business research paper meets several of any business or MBA course objectives.
·         Critical Chain Project Management - Critical chain project management topic suggestion details the concerns of project managers and issues related to the CCPM.
·         Customer Relationship Management – Customer Relationship Management is a comprehensive set of processes and technologies for managing the relationships with potential and current customers and business partners across marketing, sales, and service areas regardless of the channel of distribution.
·         Customer Service Standards- Customer Service Standards Research Paper examines an order placed for project that has specific source requirements.
·         Decision Making – Developing a decision making research paper is a multistage process.
·         Definition of Leadership – The definition of leadership in a research paper is the process of directing and coordinating a group’s activities toward some collective task accomplishment.
·         Dinosaur Brains - Dinosaur Brains research papers explore a guide book on how to deal with impossible people at work.
·         Equity Theory – The Equity Theory deals with how employees respond to situations when they think they are not being treated equally to other employees.
·         Jesus CEO : Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership-Jesus CEO : Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership research paper discusses a book by Laurie Beth Jones discussing the ways in which Jesus was a CEO.
·         Leadership and Motivation- Leadership and Motivation Research Paper looks at a preview of a paper order placed on a self improvement essay, and the specific requirements placed.
·         Leadership Development- Leadership Development Research Paper previews a sample of an order placed for a Phd proposal.
·         Leadership Philosophy- Leadership Philosophy Research Paper examines an order placed for graduate level services on the leadership skills for a manager of a company.
·         Leading Without Power - Max De Pree’s Leading Without Power: Finding Hope in Serving Community.
·         Management verses Leadership – Business leadership, i.e. management, is circumscribed by the nature of the organization that is led, the proper domain of behavior associated with such organizations generally, and the type of goals which such organizations are expected to accomplish.
·         Managerial Applications- Managerial Applications Research Paper explores a sample of an order placed to research ten managerial topic areas which are given.
·         Managing for the Future – Managing for the Future term papers overview Peter F. Drucker’s business management book.
·         Managing Social Processes and Making Decisions- Managing Social Processes and Making Decisions Research Paper examines how to place a business project with giving specific writing requirements needed to complete the research paper.
·         Moderating Conflicts - Paper Masters suggests using a case study to illustrate how to moderate conflicts.
·         Outsourcing – Outsourcing research papers discuss the strategic management option of sending work outside of a corporate structure.
·         Leadership Philosophy- Leadership Philosophy Research Paper examines an order placed for graduate level services on the leadership skills for a manager of a company.
·         Quality Management- Quality Management Research Paper looks at a sample of an order placed to assist with a management project with a specific scenario.
·         Real World Operations Management- Real World Operations Management Research Paper delves into an order placed on a service or good organization, and the use of REAL data is asked to be used.
·         Risk Management – Research paper on Risk Management Guidelines.
·         Six Sigma – Six Sigma research papers look closely at the total quality management concept of using statistical measurement in quality control of products and/or services.
·         Strategy Memorandum – Write a senior executive-level strategy memorandum to the board of directors of a products company that details the necessary global marketing decision making for them to make their initial foray into a region of the world with which neither the board nor the company are familiar.
·         Supply Chain Management – This is a research paper on supply chain management. Hurricane Katrina will be the case study.
·         Total Quality Management - Total Quality Management term papers examine TQM in today’s business world and beyond.
·         Total Quality Management Literature Review – Total Quality Management literature review examines studies on the use of TQM in business and corporations today.
·         TQM – TQM term papers overview total quality management concepts.
·         What is a Business Manager? – The term “business manager” can cover a broad range of occupations and specialized fields, however it is most frequently equated with the role of the administrative service manager.
·         Who Moved My Cheese? - Topic suggestions on the classic business management book "Who Moved My Cheese?".

·        Marketing
·         BioFoods in Africa- BioFoods in Africa research paper looks at this company and its market with Africa and the issue of human resource management within the company.
·         Blair Water Company and Marketing Strategy – Compares the difference of marketing in developed countries to those countries less developed.
·         Bottled Mineral Water- Bottled Mineral Water Research Paper delves into an example of an order placed on how to promote bottled drinking water witch specific directions given.
·         Cannonball- Cannonball term paper goes into the advantages of the marketing program Be Free that would aid Mr. Baron’s operation.
·         Dell’s Marketing Strategy - Dell’s Marketing Strategy research papers overview the online marketing model of Dell Computer Corporation.
·         Demolition Men and Marketing – The movie Demolition Man was chosen for its use of marketing oriented concepts.
·         Emotional Branding- Emotional Branding Research Paper looks at an example on how to place an order for a Master Thesis, and the specific instructions.
·         Energy Saving Light Bulbs Market Brief – Energy Saving Bulbs have been available for some years, it is only in the past few they have become popular with the increased interest in going “green”.
·         International Consumer Brand- International Consumer Brand Research Paper discusses an order placed for a research paper that compares and contrasts the brand.
·         Invisalign- Invisalign Research Paper delves into an example of how to place a marketing plan order with specific instructions.
·         Marketing Model of Dell Computers – Marketing Model of Dell Computers research papers overview the history of Dell and how they market pc’s.
·         Marketing Plan – How to write a Marketing plan.
·         Marketing Plan for the Internet Casino- Marketing Plan for the Internet Casino Term Paper goes into an overview on the company and the goals of this type of internet business.
·         Microsoft’s Marketing Strategy – Microsoft is in a high-stake race gains Google and other search engines for the next new thing in Internet advertising.
·         Strategic Marketing – This is a research paper that discusses the essential tools of strategic marketing. This is basic project for early marketing classes.
·         Third Avenue Merchandise Fair - Third Avenue Merchandise Fair Term Paper discusses the various merchants and the different types of merchandise that is available to the shoppers.
·         Tobacco Advertising Policy- Tobacco Advertising Policy Term Paper examines the history, and its emergence into our society in the 1960s up through the 1980s.

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